The website formed in July 2022 is a place to present the web porfolios of Will and Jo Georgeson. Complete with full resume, links to external sites such as GitHub, qualifications and events that have been attended.



I'm William, a 22 years old from Manchester, UK. I am currently a Computer Science Student studying at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk. I have been programming since 2016. I am currently an Intern at a Indie Game company developing a game hoping to get a full-time position some day.

I have been assigned with developing it on the software level as well as taking leadership of various departments. I have been a Linux user for years and know the bash terminal, and the linux echosystem very well. I have used a range of disrtobutions from server based to desktop based. I have dipped into most of the computing professions from web based, server, databases, cyber, gaming, etc. With the intention of learning more in the future

For more information please follow the links below.



I'm Jo, a 21 year old from Manchester, UK. I'm a Computer Science Graduate from The University of Manchester. I've been a programmer on and off since 2017, and have experience in many different languages.

My experience during University covered Hardware Design and Implementation, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques, Software Engineering Practices, Graphics Programming and more. I aspire to work in creative industries, such as Games Programming. During my time at University, all Coursework was conducted on multiple Linux distros, I have experience working on applications for both Windows and Linux.

This webpage acts as a place for me to describe my projects in more depth, and give code samples where I can.